Playing with Typhoon

How to install

The installation should be straightforward, as long as you run as admin.


Three different input files are to be created: the geometry describing how the foils look like, a state file describing the position and speed of the foiling vessel and the mesh of that all. This is how the main screen looks like and what there is to see:

Drawing foils

There is no limit in the text user interface (TUI) for the number of foils and parts of each foil (available on Github). The GUI is limited to four foils (each can have a symmetric counterfoil) and each having no more than three parts. This is how you can create them with a 69F as example:

Defining the state

The position of the foiling vessel (all angles, flight height above the water) as well as the forward speed need to be defined. Bear in mind that the speed needs to be high enough for your vessel to get airborn. A too low forward speed will not result into a solution.

Editing foils and state

The state and foils you made in previous steps, can be edited, changed and adapted. It is recommended not to change the number of foils or number of parts on each foil:


Static calculation

Based upon your input of the foils, speed, angles, positions we get the forces and moments on the vessel:

Static equilibrium

Now we are looking for an equilibrium. We know the mass, centre of gravity and speed of the ship and we look for the position (flight height and trim) which results in forces and moments on the foils which (almost) exactly compensate these. So we aim for almost no overall pitch moment and vertical force.

Dynamic stability analysis

Flying in the equilibrium position, we find out here wether this is a stable or instable position (do we remain foiling or will we crash?).

Some extra output

The GUI creates some text files with a lot of numbers you can dig into before you get yourself to the next level by improving and sharing our code on Github (thank you for doing so!)

All together now:

Playlist of all tutorial videos in the most logical order:

Happy foiling!